Posted on Jul 29, 2011
The roof of an underground basketball and racquetball court collapsed just before noon this Wednesday, injuring two construction workers who were working on top of the structure at the time. Both workers are in stable condition, as is a police officer, who was injured at the scene, likely during rescue efforts.

The underground court was located in Old Brookville, Long Island, just north of Hicksville. It was to be built beneath a nearly $3-million house, which the workers were presumably constructing.

The construction workers had been pushing wheelbarrows full of soil on top of the roof. They were distributing the soil when the roof gave in. They then "basically rode  [the roof] down" as it collapsed. A gaping hole was left where the workers and roofing debris fell 50 feet. They were feared to be trapped underneath the material, but firemen and other emergency responders were able to reach the ground level and pull them out. They were then airlifted to Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow with non-life-threatening injuries.

Neither the owner nor the local building department, nor the building firm responded to inquiries, while the cause of the collapse remained unclear. The names of the workers were not released.

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