Posted on Jan 31, 2014

Babies are generally known for their sensitive body structures and immune systems. When a health mistake is made on a baby, such as how to administer baby injections, it can be quite serious.

CBS news reports on oral vaccines for babies.

Many doctors have been making the mistake of injecting babies with the rotavirus, when they are supposed to be administering it by putting drops in the baby’s mouth.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has taken hold of this issue. The CDC issued a report saying, “In six cases, a nurse who did not receive proper training administered the shots. In about 50 percent of cases, the child experienced a side effect from the vaccination error, including redness at the injection site. The reasons people made the error included inadequate training, misinterpreting or failing to read vaccine instructions, and confusing the vaccine vial with one used for an injectable vaccine.”

The rotavirus vaccine is important because it prevents people from contracting a serious stomach bug that can cause a dangerous form of diarrhea. This form of diarrhea can be fatal for babies. Thousands who do not have the vaccine end up getting hospitalized with the infection every year.

The CDC went on to stress the importance of administering the vaccine properly, “The vaccine is one of the few infant vaccines designed to be delivered by mouth (orally). An injected dose is not considered a valid dose. Vaccination providers should follow instructions in package inserts regarding proper administration. Administration errors are largely preventable with proper education and training.” It is also important to ensure that the vaccine does not get into the baby’s eye(s) or the eyes of the physician as babies often try to spit it out. This can cause adverse reactions.


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