Posted on Apr 04, 2014

Many people across the country suffer from asthma. Scientists say asthma patients may face an even more difficult season than usual this spring.

Fox news reports on what this asthma and allergy season could mean.

Experts say that due to the late arrival of spring and the abnormally high level of pollen this year asthma sufferers will probably face much difficulty this season.

Dr. Ting from Mount Sinai Hospital told Fox, ““There are two things about this year’s season: It just came out that the pollen peaks will be a little bit delayed because of the severity of winter and late snow storms. Some are saying it will be a perfect storm because of the pent up storage of pollen. The second thing is if you go to, [pollen counts are] already high. Those who do have tree pollen sensitivities, they are having right now more asthma, more use of rescue inhalers and likely more use of steroids.”

Fox further explains, “The combination of a late-season ‘explosion’ of tree pollen and already-high pollen counts indicate a rough season for people suffering from asthma induced by tree pollen allergies. Among adolescents and adults, tree-pollen allergies are the most common trigger of breathing difficulties. Pollen-triggered asthma can be treated using a rescue inhaler, doses of the oral steroid prednisone or through long-term asthma-control medications. However, Ting emphasizes that asthma-sufferers should prepare for potential difficulties well before allergy season begins.”

Doctors are emphasizing the importance of asthma sufferers having their inhaler on them at all times.

Dr. Ting says, “Always make sure you have fresh prescriptions of rescue inhaler, that will be most likely albuterol, and if you are using that excessively, get a dose of prednisone, an oral steroid, prior to high pollen counts and see your doctor for use of controller medication. A lot of doctors believe you should treat the nose as aggressively as the lungs because it’s all one passageway. Take an antihistamine and consider nasal steroids.”

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