Posted on Feb 18, 2014

Physicians rarely warn about the issue of liver disease but it is a serious problem. Liver disease is on the rise today in the United States. 

Fox news reports on liver disease.

A whopping 30 million plus people in the United States are fighting liver disease today. Cases of other related diseases such as liver cancer and Hepatitis C are also unfortunately rising.   

Many people buy into the myth that mostly alcoholics and drug addicts are affected by liver disease. But in actuality children and adults who consume diets high in calories, sugar and fat also experience liver disease. Today the consumption of sugary drinks is at an all time high, especially among children, thus contributing to the increase of liver disease cases in the Unite States.

Hepatitis C also affects many Americans. People often assume that it only causes problems for those who have shared needles.

But Fox explains, “Many older adults and baby boomers also may have been exposed to Hepatitis C through routine medical visits before the time when nurses needed to enforce strict hospital guidelines to protect your liver.”

There are numerous liver related issues that people must watch out for, not just liver disease.

“Rates of liver cancer are on the rise, even while some other cancer rates have fallen, mainly due to the increasing impact of obesity and viral hepatitis. To keep your liver healthy, the most important thing you can do is be proactive. Pyrsopolous recommends the following steps: Get tested for Hepatitis C, Adopt healthy diet and exercise habits, Know your medications and supplements –many don’t mix,” according to Fox. But for people who do have a failing liver, they do not have to get a full liver transplant. The liver is able to regenerate itself so people often only need a partial liver transplant.

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