Posted on Feb 11, 2014

Kraft singles are arguably the most popular cheese slices in the country. We use them on burgers, sandwiches and countless other items. 

CBS news reports Kraft cheese is changing its practices.

After much controversy Kraft has finally agreed to change the way it produces its Kraft singles cheese slices to make them healthier.

Kraft cheese slices are made with numerous artificial preservatives.

The growing trend today in the food market is to eliminate artificial preservatives from foods as much as possible, because of their harmful effects. Studies show that artificial preservatives are linked to many diseases and health issues; this is especially detrimental to children who are some of the primary consumers of Kraft cheese singles.

“Kraft is removing artificial preservatives from its most popular individually wrapped cheese slices, in the latest sign that companies are tweaking their recipes as food labels come under greater scrutiny. The change affects the company's Kraft Singles in the full-fat American and White American varieties, which Kraft says account for the majority of the brand's sales. Sorbic acid is being replaced by natamycin, which Kraft says is a natural mold inhibitor,” according to CBS.  

Kraft is already starting a new marketing campaign to capitalize on the new, healthier recipe for Kraft singles. They particularly hope to appeal to children more.

CBS reports, “Kraft, for example, plans to begin airing TV ads near the end of February touting that its Kraft Singles cheese ‘begins with milk’ and are now made with no artificial preservatives. The ads show cartoon cows grazing in a pasture, with a milk truck driving past. The new Kraft packages, which began appearing on supermarket shelves in recent weeks, also come stamped with a red circle noting they have no artificial preservatives or flavors.”

The head of cheese research at Kraft issued a statement saying, “Consumers are looking for those less artificial cues and messages. Those messages are more meaningful to consumers than they have been in the past." 


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