Posted on Mar 22, 2014

Countless Americans undergo wisdom teeth surgery every day. The surgery is known to be painful, but can it also be deadly?

Fox reports on a particular young woman who recently underwent wisdom teeth surgery.

The woman’s dentist told her the wisdom teeth removal was necessary. But the surgery went astray causing the young mom to end up in a coma.

The woman is only twenty-three years old. She was having four wisdom teeth removed when she went into cardiac arrest. Emergency medical services used a defibrillator to spark the woman’s heart in attempt to save her life.

The young lady’s children are only three months and four years old. Her case looks bleak at this point with a CT scan showing that she has swelling in her brain.

One doctor, who did not treat the young mom, speculated with Fox about the cause of her sickness, “Statistically it's usually an airway issue. Perhaps a foreign body drops into the airway like a tooth, or a piece of gauze or perhaps the patient might vomit and get fluid up their airway and then down into their lungs. That's why we have them don't eat or drink before a general anesthetic or any anesthetic."

Fox news explains, “One newspaper dug up state records that show [the dentist] (who is medically and dentally licensed) has had three medical complaints against him; two are pending, one from 2012 related to professional conduct was dropped due to lack of sufficient evidence.” The young woman’s significant other told the press that the experience was traumatic as he watched a medical team try to stun her heart and make her conscious again.

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