The defense refused to offer any money. Or, what they did offer was unrealistic.

You took your case to trial. You took it all the way to jury verdict. The jury recognized that you were more likely right than wrong. The jury agreed that you were entitled to significant compensation for the harms and losses you suffered.

The jury gave you a very large verdict. The defense now comes to you and attempts to settle your case. Can they do this? Is this something you would entertain? Why would they want to settle after a jury has spoken?

There are many reasons why you may want to consider the defense's offer seriously.

The first is that if you fail to negotiate, the defense will certainly ask the judge to either decrease the amount of the jury verdict or throw it out claiming that it was against the weight of the evidence. Even if the trial judge reduces the jury verdict, the defense will typically take the case up on appeal to a higher court to either reduce the verdict or throw it out on legal grounds.

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