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Can a Judge Question Your Witness During Trial?

Gerry Oginski
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NY Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury Trial Lawyer

 You have a key witness on the witness stand. You're in the middle of establishing some crucial testimony. All of a sudden the judge interrupts you and says “Hold on a second counselor...”


The judge then begins to question the witness extensively. The judge's questions have a certain edge to them. They make the witness appear as if he's not entirely credible.


You object. “Objection Your Honor, that's not what I wanted to ask.”


“Sit down counselor, I'm questioning the witness.”


“Objection Your Honor, that's an improper question.”


The judge is clearly getting irritated every time I object.


The defense attorney is quietly smiling.


Watch the video to learn what the judge can do and cannot do during the course of trial in New York.