a patient working in a Brickyard fractured his arm while driving a forklift. He went to a local emergency room where they correctly diagnosed that he had a fracture of his forearm. They put them in a cast and told him to follow up in the orthopedic clinic. He did that.

Every time he returned to the orthopedic clinic they took x-rays and told him that his arm is healing beautifully.

Seven weeks later, the patient has just removed and instead of his arm being straight as it should be, it looked like a roller coaster. The patient asked the doctor why his arm looked so strange. The doctor told him that with a little massage and physical therapy it would be just fine. This was not true.

A prompt visit to an orthopedic surgeon revealed that the patients broken bone was never properly reduced and was instead allowed to heal in an incorrect position. Also troubling was the fact doctors and clinic never recognized and follow-up x-rays that the patient's arm was not correctly aligned or position.

As a result of this carelessness, the patient had to have surgery to read-great bone and then reattach it using titanium rods and screws. He was now left with a surgical scar as well of restriction of motion. Watch the video to learn more.