That's what a doctor said in a reply to one of my videos here on YouTube. He was offended. He was outraged. He said some pretty nasty things about being an attorney.

However, he was able to say these things because of the freedoms we have in this Country. Freedoms that our ancestors fought for, strived for and achieved. I was shooting this video the day before Independence day, July 3, 2011 and was kind of outraged that he was so high and mighty; never bothering to focus on the injured victim and what happened to him.

I wanted to respond vigorously to the doctor but realized that I'm not going to change his mind. The fact that he took the time to watch my video in its' entirety and then take the time to leave a blistering comment, was proof enough that my video was compelling.

Watch this video to learn why living in the greatest place in the world means never giving up those freedoms.