You think you might be the victim of medical negligence or medical carelessness. You're unsure and you have questions. You know that you want to speak to a lawyer in New York to find out if you might have a valid case. Where do you go? What do you do next?

In this video, find out how a lawsuit actually gets started. It's not magic, but most injured victims are not told how the mechanics of a lawsuit actually work. Learn what a 'complaint' is. Find out what an 'index number' is. Listen in when I describe what a 'summons' is and who actually delivers the documents that start your lawsuit.

You shouldn't have to wait to understand what goes into describing how a legal case starts especially a medical malpractice, accident or wrongful death case in NY. That's why I've created hundreds of videos like this one to help you understand how the lawsuit process works here in New York.

You want answers? Perfect. Watch the video to learn more as NY Medical Malpractice Trial Lawyer Gerry Oginski explains.