You might think you hit it out of the park with a $5 million dollar jury verdict.

The jury decided that your doctor was careless.

He was negligent.

He violated the basic standards of medical care.

The jury decided that his wrongdoing caused your injury.

They also decided that your injury is significant and permanent.

You're going to think that this verdict is final justification for everything you went through these past two or three years of hard-fought litigation.

You think the doctor and his lawyer are going to pull out his checkbook and write you a check for $5 million dollars right then and there.

Let me bring you back to reality.

That's not how it works. That's not how any of it works.

You're going to be unpleasantly surprised that in a few moments you're going to go from an emotional high to an emotional low, with just one single sentence uttered by the defense lawyer.

Then, moments later, your emotions are going to go even lower when the judge utters another statement that you didn't think was possible after your great jury verdict.

Watch the video to learn about how your verdict is just the BEGINNING of your emotional roller coaster ride.