When Arthur Lawler learned that his dentist's office burned down and then got a letter saying the dentist would no longer be treating patients, he didn't know what to do. He was in the middle of treatment.

The dentist had pulled all of his remaining teeth in order to put in dental implants. That's when the horror started.

The dentist had made all sorts of promises. He enticed Arthur to sign up for this treatment.

The key problem was that Arthur lived in Massachusets. This dentist's office was in Queens, NY. Hundreds of miles separated the two. Yet Arthur trudged down from Massachusets for every dentist visit.

Except now, when he was literally abandoned by his dentist and didn't know where to turn. Listen in as I read Arthur's description of what happened to him and how he contacted 100 lawyers online and only had two reply.

Gerry Oginski
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