It's jury selection.

In a medical malpractice case.

Here in New York.

There are thirty people in a room and two attorneys are now chatting with these folks.

The attorney who represents the injured victim, commonly known as the plaintiff's attorney, and the attorney who represents the person or company you have sued. He's commonly known as the defense attorney.

One of the questions I will ask these potential jurors is whether they are going to put the doctor who you have sued, on a pedestal when judging this case.

We all look to our doctors to solve our medical problems.

We look up to our doctors.

We hope and expect that they'll do the right thing by us.

If a juror puts a doctor on a pedestal, often, they believe the doctor can do no wrong and can do no harm.

That's dangerous for me as the attorney who represents the injured victim.

That's dangerous because the juror may not believe anything we say.

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