Your negligence case is coming on for trial. You are worried. There's something lurking in your background that you don't want anybody to know. You're concerned that if this information gets out it could harm your reputation and possibly destroy your case.

You keep this information from your lawyer. You don't even want him to know. You've not told the defense attorney disinformation during a question-and-answer session known as the deposition. You hope nobody will find out what happened to you in the past.

Your background and history may be very relevant to your case. If not your case and certainly to your credibility.

If you fail to tell your attorney about the skeleton in your closet, then you will have no way to anticipate and prepare for the very likely attack that will come during cross examination at trial.

You must always assume that the defense will uncover any dirt has gone on in your background prior to trial. It is their obligation to expose the dirt to the jury to show that you may not be entirely truthful and that should have an effect on how they view you in your claim.

If you tell your attorney in a timely fashion, then he will be able to strategize and come up with a way that would explain what occurred and why it is not significant or related to the issues in your current case.

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