A life care plan is created by vocational rehabilitation specialists. Those are experts who evaluate your medical condition, your pre-trial testimony and your medical records and then begin to search out what type of jobs or employment you might be eligible for in light of your injuries.

In any negligence, accident, wrongful death or medical malpractice case in New York involving severe and significant injuries, it is often helpful to bring in a vocational expert to explain to the jury that because of the injuries you suffered, you are physically incapable of doing the type of work that you used to do.

Instead, you might be qualified to sit at a desk job working a few hours per day. Alternatively, you might not be eligible for such a job. In that instance, the vocational expert tries to identify the type of job that currently exists in the workplace and then determines statistically how much you might theoretically be expected to earn if you were able to obtain such a job.