When you read about a lawyer who's achieved great successes and has obtained many large million-dollar and multimillion dollar verdicts, what is the one question you need to ask the attorney when deciding whether that lawyer is the right one for you?

We all know that lawyers compete online to get noticed. There are many lawyers for you to choose from. How are you able to choose one lawyer over another?

The answer to this question may help you decide which lawyer is right for you.

When an attorney achieves a stunning result and you read about the fact that he obtained a million dollar or multimillion dollar verdict, does that mean that the client received all that money? It's unlikely. Here's why.

Anytime there is a very substantial verdict, the defense will do a few things immediately after the verdict in order to either reduce the award or try to get the award thrown out. This is their legal right, and they have an obligation to their client to do that.

That means the trial judge will have to consider whether the verdict is appropriate in light of the evidence presented. The judge must decide whether to reduce the verdict, leave it alone, throw out the verdict and dismiss the case among other options.

No matter what the trial judge does, it is likely that the defense will appeal the decision and the verdict in an attempt to reduce the verdict further or have it thrown out.

The question you must always ask is "How much money did the client actually walk away with?" 

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