Before I arrived in the defense lawyers office I didn't know it.

All I had was the doctor's faxed medical records. Those records looked fine. There was nothing in those records to be concerned about.

When I arrived at the doctor's attorney's office, I asked to see the doctor's original records, as I always do.

While reading the 'original' records I began to notice something unusual. The records that were provided to me as 'original' were TOTALLY different than the records I had reviewed the night before. Warning signals were going off in my mind. Big red warning signals.

I didn't say anything. I didn't make faces. I simply and calmly handed the doctor's records back to defense counsel and we began the pre-trial questioning.

After questioning the doctor extensively about his 'original' records and locking him into his testimony, did I bring up the other records we had.

You should have seen the look on the defense attorney's face. It was priceless. It totally changed the outcome of this case.

Gerry Oginski
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