You have decided to bring a lawsuit, hired an attorney and now after the honeymoon period is over, you realize your lawyer does not communicate with you. Y

ou think that he is doing nothing on your case because he simply does not communicate with you at all. He doesn't call you, he doesn't write to you, he doesn't e-mail you. You naturally believe that his lack of communication means that he's not paying attention to you and your important case.

Watch the video to learn whether this is true.

Find out whether your lawyer has a system in place that will allow him or her to communicate with you on a regular basis. You must always ask the attorney how you can communicate with him or her; either by phone, scheduled phone consult, in person, by e-mail, video chat via Skype or by letter.

The reality is that most attorneys simply get busy and do not have a system in place to keep their clients apprised of all the steps that go on behind the scenes.

Watch the video to learn what I do in my office and how I keep my clients updated on a regular frequent basis.