Here's the reality:

Nobody really cares who I am (except my family and close friends). The only thing an injured victim cares about is whether I can help solve their legal problem. That's it.

Later on if you want to learn who I am, where I went to school, and all that I have accomplished, you can certainly read further into my biography page.

For example, if you want to learn how I was able to create over 360 frequently asked questions and answers on my website, you can read about it. If you want to learn why I have hundreds and hundreds of educational videos to teach and educate you about how lawsuits work in the state of New York, then you can read about it. If you want to learn more about how medical malpractice cases in New York  work, you could read dozens of free reports here on my website. You could also read hundreds of articles and news reports about accident cases, negligence cases, wrongful death cases and medical malpractice cases.

My goal is to teach and educate you. The fact that I have been in practice now since 1988 is only one factor that helps you decide whether I'm the right attorney for you. More importantly, potential clients don't realize that you literally have to apply to my office in order for me to determine whether you are the right client for me. Just because you think you may have a case and call my office, does not mean that I will accept you as a new client.

Who am I?

You can always read about my successes. You can also find some of the cases that I've lost at trial. I can pretty much guarantee that 99% of lawyers in New York do not talk about the cases they have lost at trial on their website. Nobody ever wants to admit that they have lost a case at trial unless they are directly asked. Most lawyers believe that is not a great selling point for a potential client.

I actually disagree.

Instead, I think it's a great opportunity for me to explain to you what happened in that particular case. Maybe the jury did not like my client. Maybe they did not believe the facts of our case. Maybe they did not believe our expert. Regardless of the outcome, I take that opportunity to explain to you what happened in that case and why, in practically every instance, that client is still a long-term friend. I take the time to explain to you why that person still believes I did everything possible to achieve success for them.

Focusing on success is natural. Focusing on why we did not win a case is unusual and often compelling.

Who am I?

I am an experienced and seasoned New York medical malpractice and personal injury trial lawyer. I love the practice of law and helping injured victims obtain compensation. That may sound trite but it's a fact. One of the key ways as I stand out from the crowd is by teaching you, educating you and explaining to you how cases like yours work here in New York.

As of last count, I have over 2300 educational videos that I use to teach potential consumers and clients about the inside workings of medical malpractice and accident cases in New York. The fact that I have also written four popular books,

  1.  Secrets of a New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer
  2. Doctors Gone Wild
  3. Beyond the ER Doors
  4. In Case of Death

is just one other factor for you to consider when deciding which attorney is right for you in your case.

Hiring an attorney is a big decision. Do not take it lightly. You have to like your lawyer, trust your lawyer and feel comfortable with him or her. They have to be responsive to your needs and questions, update you frequently and keep you in the loop about what is happening with your particular matter.

Every lawyer likes to say they give personal and caring attention. However, not every lawyer is responsive and speaks you every month on the phone to keep you updated about your particular matter. Not every trial lawyer makes you feel as if you are the most important client in his office. Not every lawyer can tell his client exactly what happened last on his case without having to run to the file or check the computer.

The question “Who Am I?” Is not as important as the information I provide to you to teach you and educate you. Who am I is secondary. My goal is to help you understand the legal process. What better way than to have me show you step-by-step exactly how the lawsuit process works.

I encourage you to explore my educational website where you can literally spend days and weeks learning about negligence cases, accident cases, medical malpractice lawsuits and wrongful death cases on this site. Take the time to watch my videos, read my free special reports, request your free download of any or all of my books, read the hundreds of questions and answers and come to your own conclusions about what to do next.

As always, if you have legal questions, I encourage you to pick up the phone and call me at 516-487-8207 or by e-mail at [email protected]. This is what I do every single day and I welcome your call.

Thanks for reading!