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NYPD police car hit and killed a man. Dead man was then billed for the car damage

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27-year-old Mr. Tamon Robinson was an employee working as a cashier at a muffin shop. To supplement his income, he “dug up cobblestones and sold them to scrap dealers.” By engaging in this act, Robinson was arrested several times in the past.

In the morning of April 12, Robinson dug up decorative stones located on the grounds of a complex in Brooklyn. His mother lived within the complex. Police officers noticed that he was engaging in an illegal act so they followed him. The police officers followed Robinson in their car for approximately 100 yards. They followed him until he got to the walkway that led to the front door of the apartment building where his mother lived.

There, the police officers tried to block his path with their car. Robinson subsequently died as a result. The police officers, as a result of the collision, complain that the impact left a large dent on the driver’s side of the car. The large dent is located above the front tires.

Police officers identified the collision as an accident. They further indicated in a police report that Robinson ran into their car and then fell backwards. In June, an autopsy report revealed that Robinson “sustained ‘blunt-impact injuries of the head, torso and extremities,’ including ‘traumatic brain injury’ and several hemorrhages.”

Robinson’s mother hired a lawyer who questions the discrepancy between the autopsy report and the police report. Her lawyer alleges that police were trying to cover up what really occurred, for the injuries were inconsistent with the police report. They intend to file a lawsuit for the wrongful death of Robinson.

Last month, Robinson’s mother received a letter regarding the large dent on the police car. The letter asked that she pay $710 within 10 days. The City of New York retained a law firm to routinely collect money for such damages. After the law firm learned that Robinson died as a result of the collision, however, they stopped the collection process. Instead, they assert that the letter was sent in error.

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