I know you have questions about your legal matter.

Maybe it involves a careless doctor.

Maybe you were hit by a careless driver while stopped at a traffic light.

Maybe a doctor failed to diagnose your cancer.

Maybe you have questions about why your baby is not meeting her developmental milestones and think something bad happened during her delivery.

Maybe you wonder why your baby isn't moving his arm weeks after your vaginal delivery.

Maybe you tripped and fell on ice on the sidewalk.

Maybe your surgeon failed to recognize your bowel perforation.

There could be lots of reasons why you have questions.

Maybe you want to know how an attorney evaluates a medical malpractice case.

Maybe you want to know how an attorney proves a civil lawsuit.

Maybe want to learn what objection sustained means.

Maybe you want to learn how jury selection works.

Maybe you want to learn about opening arguments or cross examination.

Maybe you want to learn different strategies an attorney uses to control a medical expert during cross-examination.

Maybe you want to learn what a motion for summary judgment is.

Maybe you want to learn what a motion in limine is.

There are lots of questions you have.

You've come to the right place.

Here on my website I have over 500 frequently asked questions and answers.

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