<b>1. You are scared.<b> I don't blame you. Many people who have never needed a lawyer are hesitant to pick up a phone and talk to a total stranger about an accident or medical mistake that has left them with permanent harm. You don't know what the lawyer will say or ask. <b>2. You are embarrassed.<b> Being ashamed of your injury is nothing to scoff at. Many folks are afraid to accept their injuries and acknowledge how their lives are different now compared to how it was before their accident or injury. Many injured people are afraid and embarrassed to tell their story of what happened to them and how their injuries prevent them from doing their daily activities. They perceive themselves to be weaker now because of their limitations. <b>3. You don't want to tell a stranger about your personal troubles.<b> You don't know this lawyer from Adam, and he's going to ask you really personal information about how your injuries have affected you and your relationship with your family. He's going to ask about your income and earnings. "Why should I tell this stranger all of my personal information?" you ask yourself. <b>4. Apathy- a lack of interest in pursuing your legal rights.<b> You may tell yourself, "What's the big deal? So, I'll get by without an income for a year or two," or maybe you think "I have health insurance to pay for all of my medical expenses." What you don't realize is that your health insurer may decide to stop paying for your expenses or pay only some of the expenses, leaving you on the hook for the remainder. Then what do you do? If your injuries are significant, you may be out of work for more than the one or two years you thought earlier. What do you do then? Apathy, or lack of interest, is the surest way to let your time to start a lawsuit lapse. If that happens, no one can help you. <b>5. You are afraid to stand up for what is right. <b> When someone did something wrong to you, how do you know it was wrong? Do you get a feeling of injustice when you think about what happened to you? If you do, you owe it to yourself and your family to find out information about whether you have the right to compensation for that injustice and the harm that you suffered.
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