Cataract surgery is the replacement of a lens overlying the eye that can get cloudy and prevent you from seeing clearly. There are many reasons why you may not see clearly after having cataract surgery. The question that you must ask is, "Why don't I have good vision now after having cataract surgery?"

LASIK surgery is a procedure used to change your vision and eliminate the need for wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. These procedures are often advertised as being the solution to people who have worn eyeglasses for their entire lives. The reality is that LASIK surgery does not eliminate the need for you to wear eyeglasses. You may still need them for reading or for driving at night.

Another type of injury that can occur is injury to the optic nerve. The optic nerve is the nerve that controls the blood flow and signals from your brain to your eye and back. If the optic nerve is interrupted or cut, then you can and will go blind. During facial surgery, or eye surgery, if the optic nerve becomes injured and this injury is not recognized immediately, you can have devastating and permanent blindness in that eye.

Keep in mind that many procedures performed by ophthalmologists are designed to improve your vision, and those procedures done in experienced, capable hands, have had remarkable success.

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