You're searching for an attorney.

You want to sue your doctor.

You want to sue that careless driver.

You want to sue the company that made a product that caused you permanent injury.

You want someone to pay.

Big time.

You want the best lawyer you can find.

You want a lawyer with success written all over him.

You want a lawyer who has had success in the courtroom.

You want a trial attorney who isn't afraid of taking on the big corporate giants.

You want a proven trial lawyer who isn't afraid of being in front of a jury and getting verdicts.

You want someone with a proven track record.

That's all understandable.

That's reasonable.

But you have a problem.

The problem is that you don't know anyone who can refer you to this type of lawyer.

You don't know anyone who had a similar case as yours who might be able to recommend you to their trusted lawyer.

That means you've got to try and find an attorney who fits your criteria.

That means you're going to start searching.

Most likely online.

Maybe you're inclined to call one of those TV lawyers.

But before you call some generic 800 number to speak to an intake person, you ask yourself what information that TV lawyer gave you while watching his commercial.

Likely nothing more than screaming at you telling you they handle certain types of cases.

Well, if you're inclined to call a TV lawyer, ask yourself what makes this one stand out from all the other TV lawyers who also advertise on TV?

Can you tell if that TV lawyer meets all your criteria for choosing the best lawyer for you and your case?

In all likelihood, you can't.

So now you're thinking of calling that billboard lawyer.

You know the one.

The one with the big billboard right on the highway you take to and from work each day.

He's smug.

His arms are crossed.

There's not much to his billboard except his angry face and a phone number.

Does that billboard give you all the information you need to determine if he meets your criteria for being an attorney with a proven track record?



The TV lawyer is out.

The billboard lawyer is out.

You fleetingly think about opening up your ancient yellow pages to see if you can find an attorney there.

You remember you last used it in the garage to stand on.

It's only eight years old.

You thumb it open.

You find forty pages of lawyer ads.

You can't tell one from the other reading these lawyer ads.

They all say the same crap.

"We fight for your rights."

"Get the money you deserve."

"We've been in business 200 combined years."

"Free parking!"

"No fee if no recovery."

You can't tell one lawyer ad from another.

There's no way you can distinguish any of these people.

One lawyer has two full page ads, back to back.

Another has only one full page ad.

Many lawyers have half page ads.

Some have quater page ads.

Is a lawyer with a quater page ad worse than a lawyer with a full page ad?

Is a lawyer with a color ad better than an attorney with a black and white ad?

You have no way of knowing.

You're not going to call fifty attorneys from the yellow pages to see how each is different.

That's just not feasible.

Anyway, it's not likely you'll get the answers you need to make an educated decision about which lawyer is right for you.

As you search for an attorney, you realize that all the lawyers are saying the same thing.

"We get great results!"

"Look at our amazing settlements!"

"Look at all the great verdicts we achieved for our clients!"

But in all these marketing messages, no attorney talks about this one thing...

The dirty little secret.

A secret that no attorney wants to mention in their advertising messages...

What is that dirty little secret?

It's that you could lose your case.

This GREAT attorney could lose your case.

You could have the BEST case in the world and you could lose.

You could have the best witnesses in the world and you could lose.

You could have everything going for you and you could lose.

You could have a world-class trial lawyer and you could lose.

Nobody tells you that.

They don't want to scare you off.

They don't want to lose you as a client.

They want your business.

You need to know that nobody can guarantee you a result.

Doesn't matter what great successes your lawyer has achieved in the past.

The reality is that you could lose.

That's the big dirty little secret that trial attorneys do not tell you when you are searching for the right lawyer for your case.

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