Posted on Apr 22, 2014

Many birth control pills have been found to have serious side effects. But one particular pill has been causing more health problems in women than any other. Consumers were unaware that Yasmin could cause strokes and in some cases blood clots.

Fox news reports on a fourteen million dollar settlement linked to Yasmin.

A woman who suffered a stroke after taking the Yasmin pill was recently awarded fourteen million dollars. 

The Chicago woman told the court that she had a debilitating stroke due to the pill, which was prescribed to her as a form of birth control. 

Fox explains, “Lawyers for Miss Zapalski say the stroke occurred thirteen days after she began taking the drug, paralyzing her left side and causing permanent brain injury. Friday's verdict came after a two-week trial in a Circuit Court."

Bayer has encountered numerous lawsuits against it from patients facing Yasmin complications. “Drug maker Bayer has also faced lawsuits from women claiming the contraceptive caused blood clots that led to serious health consequences. The company stands by the drug and says it is safe if used as directed,” according to Fox.

Yasmin remains on the market for the time being, but many wonder whether physicians should favor prescribing other forms of birth control over Yasmin.



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