Posted on Mar 04, 2014

Countless women across the country would like to get pregnant and carry a baby. But for many reasons- in some cases women lost a uterus because of cancer- they cannot get pregnant. But now there is a new type of surgery that could prove fruitful for them.

CBS news reports on the exciting new surgery.

Scientists and physicians have come up with a new type of surgery to help women who do not have a uterus carry a baby. The surgery is being called womb transplantation.

The surgery has been performed on a few women and has proven to be effective thus far although specific details have not been disclosed yet.

CBS explains the study, “The nine women had received wombs donated by their mothers or other close relatives in an experimental procedure designed to test whether it's possible to transfer a uterus so a woman can give birth to her own biological child. The women underwent in-vitro fertilization (IVF) before the transplants, using their own eggs to make embryos.”

The study’s lead author, Mr. Brannstorm, reports that the surgery seems to be a good option for women who do not have a uterus. “Brannstrom predicted that three or four of the seven women might successfully give birth,” according to CBS. He also said, “One or two more will perhaps get pregnant and miscarry and one or two maybe won't be able to get pregnant.”

The women are being given various medicines to keep the wombs in tact and help them adjust to their new host’s body. Brannstrom said, “Any woman in the study who does get pregnant will be on a low dose of drugs to keep from rejecting the transplanted womb and will be monitored as a high-risk pregnancy. Some doctors said women who got pregnant with a new uterus would have to be watched carefully for how the womb progresses throughout pregnancy.”


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