Posted on Apr 09, 2014

Physicians have been unable to pinpoint why more and more pregnant women across the country are facing preeclampsia. But regardless of what the reason for the rise may be, they think they may have a solution to the problem.

CBS news reports on medicine to prevent and sustain preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia during pregnancy is characterized as high blood pressure that could be harmful to the mother as well as the baby. Thus researchers are hoping they now have a simple solution to the problem.

“Taking low-dose ‘baby’ aspirin during pregnancy may prevent a serious complication many women face, preeclampsia. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force today published a draft of their recommended guidelines and final evidence summary on prescribing low-dose aspirin as a preventive measure against preeclampsia for pregnant women at high risk for the condition. The Task Force strongly recommends doctors prescribe a small dose -- 81 milligrams per day -- beginning after 12 weeks of pregnancy,” according to CBS.

The women would have to take the aspirin on a daily basis but studies showed that it would lower their preeclampsia risks by twenty-four percent, which is considered a significant margin. Health officials take preeclampsia seriously because it can be deadly.

CBS explains, “Preeclampsia is a dangerous disorder that affects about 7 million pregnant women each year, and most typically impacts women who have a history of diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease or a prior history of preeclampsia. Preeclampsia can cause serious health problems for both expectant mothers and their babies," said Task Force member Dr. Jessica Herzstein, in a press release.

The good news is that pregnant women who are at high risk for developing preeclampsia can take a low dosage of aspirin daily to help to prevent the condition. This can result in better health outcomes for both the mother and the baby’.”


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