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Medical Malpractice Client Testimonials

Oginski Law's past medical malpractice clients share their experiences.

Dear Mr. Oginski,
Although a lot of time has passed since you handled my case, I wanted to leave this testimonial, which I hope you will use in your advertising out of my appeciation:
"I am a former client of Mr. Oginski.
I would recomend him and his entire firm to anyone who is in need of a personal injury lawyer. Several years ago, I was facing a situation wherein a certain oral surgeon in Queens had painfully removed most of my teeh and never replacing them with implants and caps as promised. He simply closed shop and went into hiding. Being from Massachusetts, with the damage taking place in New York I was faced with the dillema of finding a competent lawyer four hundred miles away.
After many calls I came to find literally no lawyers willing to take on a lawsuit aganst an oral surgeon. At this point, I had lived two years unable to chew the foods I liked. The only time I smiled was when I was alone. Finally out of desperation, I put my story into an email and sent it to exactly 100 lawyers whose ads I had read on the internet.  Of all of these, only ten  contacted me. Two of these took the time to explain to me why no lawyers had contacted me, which basicly  was because that in cases against oral surgeons and dentists, a jury almost always takes the side of the doctor. To them, I was a "losing- proposition."
With the exception of Mr. Oginski, of the other 98 lawyers  I was more a statistic than a suffering human in need of expertise. Of all of the replies
I did recieve, only Mr. Oginski seemed to show any compassion for the pain I had suffered and was at the time suffering.
Upon deciding to choose Mr. Oginski to represent me, throughout the entire process, Mr. Oginski was  extremely professional and especially understanding to me and my wife's aggravation and irritation at the slowness of the court-sytem and always spoke in terms of a positive future outcome. Mr Oginski won a very substantial settlement on my behalf and ultimately my mouth and teeth were repaired, with enough left over to pay-of all of our debts including our mortgage.
My story continues...
Because of all of the stress our family had suffered, we decided to go on a well-deserved vacation.
Upon getting home, I suffered a stroke which has left me half- paralyzed and am now confined to a wheel chair and collecting disability, but can now always cherish the last vacation together as a family.

I can only imagine how bad-off me and my family would be now, had it not been for Mr. Oginski.
I sincerely recommend to anyone seeking a compassionate and extremely professional and knowledgable personal injury lawyer to contact Mr. Oginski's firm first and immediately, saving  yourself the aggravation of speaking to the other 98%.
Thank you once again Mr. Oginski. Thanks to your efforts and knowledge of the law our situation turned from a tragedy to a miracle - wherein now, despite my disibility, my wife can afford to take care of me at home rather than my being confined in a nursing home at the age of 53.
For many years I wondered to myself how, if ever possible, could God expain to me why I was being allowed me to suffer as I had under that dentist's care. Now, thanks to the money settlement you negotiated, I now feel I understand why things went the way they did being that now I am comforted knowing that should anything happen to me, my wife could financially manage to maintain her current life-style, with no debts or mortgage and in the mean time I am at home versus wasting away in a nursing home.
I am serious and sincere in telling you that you have been part of a "grand miracle" which has not only helped restore my mouth but in some ways restored my faith in the Lord. 
I hope you are doing well and would be happy to talk to you anytime, (but have trouble typing) if I could be of  any help creating a testimonial for your newletter."
Arthur Lawler,

To learn even more about this remarkable letter from Arthur, I invite you to watch the video below...


Arthur Lawler

"Dear Gerry,

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and give you my feelings on your efforts in my case against my gynecologist in Queens.

First and foremost, you were always very professional. From our first consultation to the last phone call congratulating me on winning the case. I was extremely satisfied with your efforts and results.

You took my case even after three other attorneys turned me down saying I had an unwinnable case. You never pushed me to do anything, just suggested what I should do.

Every telephone call and question was answered on the same day and if you had to get back to me with an answer, it was within 24 hours.

You were a tough lawyer but a friend during the deposition, which was very difficult to go through.

What I went through that December in 2005 was horrible and you always reminded me that we were going to make every effort to get the gynecologist to accept responsibility for his actions. Yes he is human and humans make mistakes, but he just didn't care and certainly did not follow his oath as a doctor.

Winning this case will never take away the emotional and physical pain that I (and also my family) went through, I hope that now this will be on his record for others to see and think twice about using him as a doctor. It will take time, but I'm putting this behind me.

So with this case now closed, please accept my sincere gratitude for being my lawyer and my friend. I hope to make an appointment to see you soon when I can get a day off from work to shake your hand and say thank you in person."

Very truly yours,

Linda A. Steigleider

Glendale, NY

Linda A. Steigleider

Medical Malpractice Law for the Non-Personal Injury Attorney

(Actual testimonials from lawyers across the country about Gerry's lecture)

"As useful a presentation as I've ever seen." - Stephen (forest hills, NY)

"This lecture was fascinating and informative on medical malpractice law." - Joung Ho (Flushing, NJ)

"Excellent presentation and engaging speaker." - Zachary (Washington, DC)

"Very practical advice. Well presented. " - Elisa (Green Bay, WI)

"excellent presentation." - Robert (Fairfax, VA)

"great speaker, kept my attention through his speaking style, if nothing else" - Juanita (Chesapeake, VA)

"great job" - Peggy (Lagrange, IL)

"Brilliant." - Aristides (Kissimmee, FL)

"very informative.....best CLE I have seen yet" - Richard T. (REGO PARK, NY)

"Very useful information." - Steven (Tinley Park, IL)

"Very well explained - clearly and concisely." - Hans-Joachim (Hofheim am Taunus, WY)

"excellent." - Pamela (Wilmette, IL)

"Very Engaging" - Tamar (Evenston, IL)

"helpful introduction" - Paul J. (New York, NY)

"Wonderfully convenient." - Jack (Tampa, FL)

"Very informative!" - June (Rockville, MD)

"Informative, clear and concise." - Jill (Marlboro, NJ)

"A great primer on the subject for a non-medical malpractice attorney. Excellent speaker." - Dede (Tampa, FL)

"Excellent speaker. Used lots of examples. Good information on what to know when referring medical malpractice cases out." - Evette (Detroit)

"Great niche presentation on what makes a medical malpractice case worth a referral to a practitioner who handles such cases." - Juliet (Arlington, VA)

"Compact, high-yield summary of major issues facing attorneys handling medical malpractice cases, illustrated very well with clinically relevant examples, scenarios, and hypotheticals. As an attorney and soon-to-be physician, I found this lecture highly useful for my future practice, both as surgeon and as potential malpractice consultant/referral base." - Nirav (Sacramento, CA)

"A good overview and informative" - Wallace (Long Beach, CA)

"Very good overall. Easy to follow, speaker did a good job of explaining medical law and framing the legal issues in malpractice cases in terms every lawyer could understand." - Joseph (Montville, NJ)

"Very good!" - Erik (Chesapeake, VA)

"Very involved and engaging." - Emily (Memphis, TN)

"The examples were very interesting and oftentimes helpful." - Joanna (Los Angeles, CA)

"I would recommend it to someone in New York. I would have liked more discussion about what things differ from state to state and how they might differ." - Susan (Memphis, TN)

"He kept my attention!" - Cher (Henderson, NV)

"Excellent! This is what CLE should be - no sales plugs, no war stories, no question/answer sessions, just an engaging speaker with superior knowledge of his topic who delivers in a very well-organized manner. " - Cynthia (Hidden Hills, CA)

"Great topic." - Ruth (charlottesville, VA)

"I've taken various CLE courses for over two decades and this one was, by far, the best I've ever viewed!" - Kevin (Hendersonville, TN)

"Excellent." - Robert (Salem, VA)

"good overview for purposes intended" - Susan M. (Albany, NY)

"as a malpractice lawyer I rate this speaker first rate in all aspects.." - Sanford (Albany, NY)

"Lucid and well organized presentation beneficial to the non medical mal practice attorney." - Robert (Denver, CO)

"Energetic and clear presentation" - Paul (Bayville, NY)

"great lecture" - Gilbert (Van Nuys, CA)

"A very helpful overview. " - Jeffrey (New York, NY)

"Clear and succint in presentation and content" - Vandana (new york, NY)

"Very useful - It provided the information I was hoping for. " - Erica (Chicago, IL)

"Excellent substantive content." - Ana M. (Sunny Isles, FL)

"good." - Andrew Chad (Nashville, TN)

"Good basic overview." - Cynthia (Pacifica, CA)

"Excellent." - Cynthia (Dallas, TX)

"Information packed." - George (Jericho, NY)

Lawyers across the country

“The service was outstanding, and I think you guys were excellent from beginning to the end.”
Gigi came to us after suffering a devastating loss. She came to us because “The information that was on Gerry's website and received from Gerry was very helpful when I had many questions in understanding my case and situation.”

Gerry's comment:

One of the challenges in Gigi's case was that the doctor who rendered care and treatment to Gigi was not an employee of the hospital where she received treatment. Instead, he turned out to be an employee of the federal government which raised a major challenge. Although we had brought a lawsuit against the hospital and nurses in state court, we were now required to bring a separate lawsuit in federal court against the United States government.

Imagine sending the lawsuit papers to Gigi which stated that she is now suing the United States government. It turns out that the doctor who was employed by the government was actually the key target in this medical negligence case. Although we conducted depositions, also known as question and answer sessions under oath, it was readily apparent that the primary person who departed from good and accepted care was the attending physician.

Early discussions with the assistant US attorney revealed that all parties would benefit from early settlement discussions which ultimately led to resolving this case. Gigi and her husband were a pleasure to work with despite having undergone a horrific event.
Gigi's comments:

“I think your office has been outstanding communicating with me and explaining each step of the process and progress of my case.”
“I would recommend your office anyone that has to deal with medical malpractice in New York. I was very impressed by Gerry's knowledge of medical terminology. All of my questions were always answered and I was always clear and updated on where I stood throughout the case. This process has been very easy thanks to Gerry and Frances's (Gerry's secretary) professionalism and graciousness.”

“I would definitely recommend Gerry to a friend or family member.”
Gigi Mileva
Nassau County, NY

Guergana Mileva

"This lecture was fascinating and informative on medical malpractice law. (Joung Ho K., NY)"
"Excellent presentation and engaging speaker. (Zachary S., SC) "
"Very practical advice.  Well presented. (Elisa A., WI)"
"Excellent presentation. (Robert S., VA)"

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Gerry did an excellent job on my case!  I was very anxious at times, becuse the outcome of my case was so important to me.  This type of case is difficult to win, but Gerry never lost hope and always believed this case had merit.  There were five years worth, and thousands of pages of documents to read.  The genius stroke of the case, (and Gerry is a legal genius), was when Gerry isolated one crucial doctor's visit and the unbiased information the doctor recorded which ended up proving our case to the jury.  I am more than pleased and give Gerry Oginski my highest recommendation.