You spend your morning scanning the news. Maybe you read the newspaper. Maybe you watch the morning news. Maybe you listen to the news in your car on the way to work. Or, if you are like many of us, you read your news online. No matter which way you get your news content, this section provides relevant information about current events that are happening relating to accident cases, wrongful death cases and medical malpractice cases in New York and throughout the country.

Many times you will see studies reported here that are currently trending in the news. On occasion I will add commentary to my news report to highlight a particular point and show what happens here in New York.

You will always find a link to the original news story contained within my news report. I find it critically important to allow you, the reader, the ability to determine for yourself the source of the story.

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  • FDA Calls Out MiMedx The Food and Drug Administration is leading an investigation against MiMedx. The FDA found that the company has been selling un-approved products.
  • Does Your Child Need a Brace for Scoliosis? Researchers have been studying the best treatment for children suffering from scoliosis. After weighing the results they have come to the conclusion that wearing
  • Group Therapy Might be Better than Medication for Teens “A reduced risk of depression nine months after the cognitive behavioral therapy sessions began. The new results show that risk was still reduced two years
  • 9/11 Heroes Diagnosed with Cancer The horrific attacks that took place on September 11, 2001 are still affecting the heroes who responded to ground zero. Many first responders such as cops and fire fighters have been diagnosed
  • 19-year-old Dies After Slicing His Own Head Off With a Remote Controlled Helicopter A young man lost control of his remote control helicopter in Brooklyn while trying to perform a trick. After losing control of the 6 pound chopper, the propeller sliced off the top of his head.
  • J&J Recalls Another Drug “J&J is recalling 5,000 vials of its Risperdal Consta, a long-acting drug for patients with schizophrenia, after testing found the drug was no longer sterile”
  • Limes Cause 2nd Degree Burns to Kids Playing with Them “The girls were diagnosed with phytophotodermatitis described as a chemical reaction to the lime juice that makes bare skin hypersensitive to ultraviolet light.
  • Is the Drug Avodart Safe? Fox reports that the effects of Avodart in men include, “decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, male breast enlargement and skin reactions.”
  • School Sports: Internal Injuries Unrecognized Their son was playing high school football as a wide receiver when he was injured. The young fifteen year old was thrown a pass and as he reached up to catch it he was tackled
  • Brain Lesions More Common in Pilots Many people who go into the air force are unaware of the fact that they are at a much greater risk of experiencing an uncommon type of brain lesion.